Learn to hit the Reset Button in your life

“Moving forward would be difficult and would require hard and uncomfortable work, but when you choose to forget what lies behind, The real happiness starts right there” – VJ

I remember the first time i saw the streets of Mumbai, people laying under the bridges, flyovers etc. I was on double decker bus, seated next to my father, celebrating and finishing up my siblings school day. My heart was filled with compassion and love for all those people, and it still resonated in my mind as endless bridges, flyovers came into view.

“Yes, our life is changing in every possible way”

From that day, the course of my life was set. I has always wanted to be an social worker helping people in every possible way, and i knew that i would make it happen.

The care and love we share with others is a part of helping others. Money alone cannot satisfy the needs of people, instead it can only fulfil the wants of people. The lack of money can pull us in unexpected situations.

Often we find ourselves and others in unexpected places, especially the places we never wanted to be. when we choose to walk with Christ, the everlasting love of Jesus will immediately restart your life.



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