Me and My Father

Days may pass by, worries have left me alone.  But till now, i have never choose to walk alone. God has said to me, “You are never alone, i am always with you, i wept with you, i was present near you when you cried the whole night, I will surely carry you throughout your life”.

My father has made me strong and worthy. I have never seen my father, but i see him whenever i help someone, he pats me saying “I Love you my daughter.” It was me who choose the toughest life, not him. He warned me never go to that pit, you will trouble yourself my loving daughter. But i refused to listen. He even gave me visions, but i simply refused to understand. Finally i failed to achieve my goal.

Do you know? what happened. On the way to home, I found my father waiting for me with hundreds of gifts.  He said “Welcome back my daughter, take rest you have travelled so far”.  Tears rolled over my cheeks, i hugged my father and kissed him.  He asked me to put on the best dress i have…………………………………………………………..  YES!!! Jesus carries me.jpgd5b63a6bd278e94d0ec17d141ba9bb07 the Story continues.


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