Me and My Father

Days may pass by, worries have left me alone.  But till now, i have never choose to walk alone. God has said to me, “You are never alone, i am always with you, i wept with you, i was present near you when you cried the whole night, I will surely carry you throughout your life”.

My father has made me strong and worthy. I have never seen my father, but i see him whenever i help someone, he pats me saying “I Love you my daughter.” It was me who choose the toughest life, not him. He warned me never go to that pit, you will trouble yourself my loving daughter. But i refused to listen. He even gave me visions, but i simply refused to understand. Finally i failed to achieve my goal.

Do you know? what happened. On the way to home, I found my father waiting for me with hundreds of gifts.  He said “Welcome back my daughter, take rest you have travelled so far”.  Tears rolled over my cheeks, i hugged my father and kissed him.  He asked me to put on the best dress i have…………………………………………………………..  YES!!! Jesus carries me.jpgd5b63a6bd278e94d0ec17d141ba9bb07 the Story continues.


God is close to you

“The Lord is near to all who call on him.” (Psalm 145:18)

God is not as far away as the furthest star. He’s as close as your next heartbeat. He’s right there with you every moment. The Bible says in Acts 17:27, “God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us” .

You might feel like God is a million miles away. But your feelings and reality don’t always match — we all know that’s true. The truth is, God is with you right now.

Because he is a close Father

God is close to you, and he understands. Turn to him whenever you feel like burdened and unworthy. Praise him, he is worthy to be praised.


Learn to hit the Reset Button in your life

“Moving forward would be difficult and would require hard and uncomfortable work, but when you choose to forget what lies behind, The real happiness starts right there” – VJ

I remember the first time i saw the streets of Mumbai, people laying under the bridges, flyovers etc. I was on double decker bus, seated next to my father, celebrating and finishing up my siblings school day. My heart was filled with compassion and love for all those people, and it still resonated in my mind as endless bridges, flyovers came into view.

“Yes, our life is changing in every possible way”

From that day, the course of my life was set. I has always wanted to be an social worker helping people in every possible way, and i knew that i would make it happen.

The care and love we share with others is a part of helping others. Money alone cannot satisfy the needs of people, instead it can only fulfil the wants of people. The lack of money can pull us in unexpected situations.

Often we find ourselves and others in unexpected places, especially the places we never wanted to be. when we choose to walk with Christ, the everlasting love of Jesus will immediately restart your life.


The Most Amazing Father – Jesus

Faith is Easy

When you know that Jesus loves you

Doubts and fears

worries and anxieties

should have no hold on you

when you trust in the love of the lord

Then never doubt his love for you!

For He loved even those Who hated Him

He died even for those that crucified Him

He did not spare his own life,

but gave up His life for you, for everyone!

Then how could He not

give everything that is needed

to those that love Him

to those that put their trust in Him

When doubts and fears arises

remember the sacrifice of Jesus

trust in His love

Have faith that He will give all things!

why? That’s easy…


– Ken Pilcher